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The primary goal of the BGCC is educating and empowering minority business owners, so they can be better positioned to close government contracts. Our members are ready to do something different, to get something different. Are you?

What is the Black Government Contracting Club?

The BGCC creates spaces for Black business owners, contractors, and professionals to connect, explore, and learn more information about details, programs, and opportunities to ensure the success of Black businesses in the federal government contracting domain.

Our Mission

The Black Government Contracting Club is a social enterprise aiming to increase the amount of Black enterprises that do business with the government across the United States. Our sole mission is to increase the amount of federal, state, and local contracts that are awarded to Black owned businesses and build a network of Black small business owners working together to procure high-level opportunities.

Small Business Development

We understand that increasing contracts that are awarded to Black owned businesses requires bolstering the capability and scale of Black businesses. We accomplish this by creating spaces, opportunities, and programs for Black businesses to gain knowledge that enables our ability to scale.

The Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Program is designed to create a pipeline for Black-owned businesses who want to do business with local, state, and federal government. In order to be eligible for the Accelerator program, business must meet the following requirements:

1. 51% Black-Owned business
2. Eligible for certification
3. Able commit to the meetings
4. Open and willing to collaborate with teams
5. Able to act as a resource
6. Able to commit 3 hours per week

About Us

The Black Government Contracting Club is the vision of its two founders; Kyana Beckles and Terrell Brown who both saw the need for an organization that unifies the efforts of Black contractors.

What Our Members Say

Earn More, Working Together

Join the BGCC! Our collaborative group is dialed in on helping you develop your capabilities, win government contracts, and gain access to competitive resources.

The Accelerator Program

The BGCC’s first program, The Accelerator Program, will operate on a quarterly schedule setting specific goals and objectives for participating businesses in each quarter. Each quarter will focus on a central topic; each making a progressive step towards our overall goal of securing more government contracts for minority-owned businesses.


    This quarter is purposed to conduct market research specific to each member's specific industry and NAICS designation.


    Participants will identify government contracting opportunities by following a process of steps and engagement strategies.


    This stage is about meeting objectives and developing the capabilities necessary to win contracts and service them sucessfully.


    This stage focuses on growth and scalability. We will support businesses by connecting them to additional networks and resources.

BGCC Accelerator Program: Q1 - Market Research
BGCC Accelerator Program: Q2 - Identifying Opportunities
BGCC Accelerator Program: Q3 - Action Items
BGCC Accelerator Program: Q4 - Business Growth

Dedicated To

Leveling The Playing Field


Despite the many programs implemented to level the playing field for small and minority-owned businesses pursuing government contracting opportunities (MWBE, simplified acquisition, and open competitive solicitation), Black businesses continue to receive the lower end of the city, state, and federal government spending.

This problem has been exacerbated by the climate of the current Covid-19 pandemic. Black-owned businesses made up less than 5% of COVID-19 federal vendor contracts and total money spent and were the most impacted, with a 41% decline in ownership in the first quarter of 2020.


Black businesses have much to gain through government contracting, however, historically, small minority firms invest more money than other firms when seeking federal contracting opportunities due to a lack of connections. Considering the lack of government spending and contracts received by and awarded to Black contractors year after year, the BGCC is needed to propel the voices of Black contractors and scale Black businesses for government contracting.

Earn More, Working Together

Join the BGCC! Our collaborative group is dialed in on helping you develop your capabilities, win government contracts, and gain access to competitive resources.

Upcoming Events

The purpose of this group is to build capacity for Black owned businesses by consolidating the bidding process; therefore building past performance data for the individual firms within the group. Although we will engage in other practices; such as education, referrals, networking, workshopping and joint venturing - all of those activities are designed to serve the greater purpose, but are not intended to be a strong focus of the group.